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Brian mills Wood
falling leaf animation
falling leaf animation
falling leaf animation

Carolinian trees milled into these fine offerings...

falling leaf animation



image of tree black on white

Are you a Carolina craftsman looking for quality materials? Put the finest wood you can find- at your fingertips today. 

From the forest, into your table- see how Brian will create you a custom piece that invokes conversation

falling leaf animation

Ethically Sourced

North Carolina has lost 24% of its

tree cover in the last two decades.

Image of tree black on white

The local real estate boom- has been a bust for the forests. Sadly, Brian has seen much of these trees hauled off to waste away at the dump. Believing they deserve more, Brian rescues such trees and finds them a new purpose. 

“The production of sawdust and shavings brings
the most profound satisfaction.”
                                                      ― Nick Offerman

falling leaf animation
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