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The Story

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Brian was in his workshop during a thunderstorm, heard an oak tree crash to the ground, and had a revelation- that this tree had a greater purpose. Months passed as he transformed his workshop into a sawmill and that fallen tree into his house's new beautiful deck. Brian believes that every tree has a story to tell. Here was a story of one oak tree that turned into a business- and became the transformative and unexpected genesis of Brian Mills Wood.  


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Approximately 31 million tons of wood waste are generated in North Carolina each year; only half of which are currently being utilized and the other half- often decay in landfills, are burned for energy, or are left in the forest to rot. 

                                - NC State Forestry Department 2019 Report

Brian's passion for the environment is at the forefront of his work. He sources his wood from local arborists and other sustainable sources then finds ways to repurpose the discarded wood into something beautiful and useful. Brian invites you to explore his collection and discover the stories behind each piece. From dining tables to live edge wood slabs, each item is a tribute to the beauty and resilience of our natural world.

About Brian

Meet Brian Swaney-  the woodworker with determination, character, and an artful eye. Brian is a North Carolina native and proud fifth generation Charlottean. Growing up around woodworking, Brian's favorite textbook was always the toolbox- With over twenty years experience working with hardwood, side ventures in construction, and countless handyman projects; Brian's skills allowed him to open his very own full purpose sawmill and launch the business Brian mills Wood, which offers fine lumber and artful live-edge furniture.

Photo of Brian in front of sawmill

While he approaches work with a razor focus- Brian knows you also need to have fun. He loves blasting 90s tunes during road trips with his wonderful wife and two boys. Brian can also cook a mean brisket, loves classic cars, but above all- the smell of sawdust. If you're looking for a talented woodworker, come on and see how Brian is the perfect choice for your lumber and quality furniture needs. 

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